Workshop In balance with Horses

Inspiring get-together with colleagues

This workshop offers you and your colleagues the opportunity to come together and experience horse coaching. In a 3-hour workshop with a small group of a maximum of 5 participants, you really get away from it all, you are inspired by the wisdom of horses and you meet your colleagues in a beautiful location with a view of a nature reserve.

During the workshop, you can exchange experiences and experience what lives in you and the other. With the help of the horses you make contact with yourself and each other, you let go of tensions, you come to yourself and therefore more in balance.

In nature and in contact with horses, you reconnect with each other. You have an eye for each other outside the work environment.

Are you looking for a nice connecting workshop with colleagues, where you gain more insight into yourself, find balance and relaxation and are in contact with your colleagues, then ask for the possibilities.

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