1-day Pegasus training

This one-day training is aimed at guiding you together with the horses to recognize your own blockages and traumas, to be in contact with them and to live them. We take you through an experience and learning process so that you can apply the applied experiential systemic and somatic working method in your own practice.

2-day Pegasus Training

These are in-depth training in the field of somatic (soma = body) and systemic coaching using horses.

Do you notice that you start to doubt yourself with some clients? You try your best and work hard, but you still fial to get through to certain clients. You are busy with it a lot and not sure how to proceed. You experience energy loss and feel out of balance, while you would love to do your work with confidence.

Do you want to be that empathetic coach who is meaningful to others and who guides clients confidently, bases on intuition? Where guiding does not cost any energy; on the contrary, it gives you energy! You know the value of your work and you stay close to youself. You coach from your own authenticity and know how to attract clients that suit you.

Then these training courses are highly recommended. See the agenda for our current training courses.

”All problems are psychological but all solutions are spiritul.”

~ Thoma

Personal Pegasus Training

Supervision and mentoring sessions for (horse) coaches using somatic horse coaching.

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