Teamtraining with horses

Horses clearly show the relationships within the team. If there is a disturbance within the team, they will respond to it. In this way, you can gain very direct and especially experiential insight into the functioning of the team as a whole, but also at an individual level.

Team coaching with horses is therefore efficient and works to break through blockages in terms of cooperation, communication and connection. Safety, connection and mutual trust are the basis of good cooperation. Horses as herd animals help us make this connection,

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Custom-made Teamtraining

We are happy to provide customized teamtraining. Beforehand we have an extensive introduction and intake to discuss the goals and the design of the training. We focus on the undercurrent: what needs to be essentially achieved with this training? Based on the intake, we will put together a program in which the use of horses will be varied with elements such as dialogue, expression with sound, reflective and body awareness exercises.

It is possible to extend the teamtraining with lunch, drinks and/or diner.

Teamtraining in co-creation

With this form of teamtraining, the team itself will determine most of the content and components of the training with input and support from the trainers. With our guidance the team will understand the intention and goals for the training better and better. We focus on the undercurrent, on the movements/changes that need to be made within the team and within the people behind the roles in the team. Teamtraining in co-creation provides focus, a more profound training and a sense of ownership for achieving the goals of the training.

Horses like to work together, always take their responsibility in the herd and they are finely attuned to each other. These principles are central to the Wild Horse Coaching Teamtraining.

It is possible to extend the team training with lunch, drinks and/or diner.

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