1-day Pegasus Training January 12th 2022

235,00 incl BTW

Dè zelfbewustwordingstraining op het vlak van somatisch en systemisch werken met inzet van paarden Voor therapeuten, psychologen, hulpverleners, coaches, opstellers etc.

  • Loop je in contact met jouw cliënten tegen eigen blokaddes/trauma’s aan?
  • Ben je gepassioneerd om anderen te helpen, maar kost dit jou veel energie?
  • Wil jij je laten inspireren door een andere manier van werken?

Kom dan naar deze eendaagse verdiepende zelfbewustwordingstraining, waarbij wij werken met een somatische en systemische methodiek en paardencoaching.

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The self awareness training in the field of somatic and system coaching with horses.

For therapists, psychologists, aid workers, coaches, system workers etc.

  • Do you feel blocked or triggered when working with your clients?
  • Are you passionate to help others, but do you often feel drained of energy?
  • Do you wish to be inspired by a different approach in horse coaching?

Then join this one day in-depth self awareness training. We work with a somatic approach to raise body consciousness as well as with the system/constellations, combined with horse coaching.

  • Do you want to get started with your own blockages, themes, traumas?
  • Do you want to be able to work more intuitively, body-oriented and in-depth in your processes with clients?
  • Do you want effective tools and additional methods to work with your clients?
  • Do you want to continue to develop and take the next step in your self-awareness to be able to guide your clients even better?

Then come to this one-day inspiring and in-depth self-awareness training with the use of horses, organized by 2 experienced (horse) coaches and trainers at a beautiful private location in the middle of greenery and in the Randstad.

During the training

  • You learn how your involvement with your clients does not cost you energy
  • You gain insight into your blockade and its effects
  • You live through and process your own traumas
  • You get another perspective on client cases
  • You gain insight into what your client reflects

During the training we work in depth with the horses, so that you can take the next step in your self-awareness. We facilitate a safe setting so that you can face and live through your own emotional injuries, patterns and blockages. be in touch In the role of counselor in (coaching/care) processes it is important to be in touch with your own emotions and feelings.

The more you as a counselor are present in the here and now, in connection with yourself, the other person and the environment, the more confidence a client will gain in you as a counselor, in the process and in themselves. This provides the ground for self-direction and personal responsibility of the client.

Sometimes as a counselor you can lose contact with yourself and run into your own blockages and/or traumas. This one-day training is aimed at guiding you together with the horses to recognize these blockages/traumas, to be in contact with them and to live through them. We take you through the process so that you both experience and learn, and can apply the applied experiential systemic and somatic method in your own practice.

Why horses?
The horses are our cooperation partners when it comes to supporting and guiding the process. Horses are always honest and in contact and help you to get in touch with your blockages/unresolved themes and traumas. They offer you safety and comfort. They quickly get to the core and help you to release (emotional) tensions.

What do we offer?

Introduction somatic/body-oriented (horse) coaching
Introduction systemic (horse) coaching
Experiential learning and sharing knowledge together
Tools to apply directly in your own life and with your clients
Process guidance with the horses (somatic and systemic work)
Getting to know in-depth teaching methods by experiencing them
Processing your own traumas by living them
Looking at deep-lying patterns and breaking them

Boarding 3-day intensive

This training is a step towards the 3-day intensive, in which you work even more intensively with somatic and systemic work. In this 3-day training you will learn to guide from an expanded state of consciousness.

“All problems are psychological, but all solutions come from consciousness” ~ inspired by psychiatrist Thomas Hora

Number of participants:

8-10 participants


9.00-9.30: Reception
9:30-10.00: Introduction training
10:00-10:45: Body-oriented exercises
10:45-11.00: Break
11:00-12:30: Somatic and systemic horse coaching sessions
12:30-13.15; Lunch
13:15-14:00: Body-oriented exercises
14:00-16:00: Somatic and systemic horse coaching sessions
16:00-16:30: Closing training


Deze training wordt gegeven door Jubine Nijmeijer van Wild Horse Coaching en Joyce Puister van Systemisch Werk Joyce Puister. Liefde voor paarden en passie voor haar werk. Joyce is 100% Zeeuwse, trainer en gecertificeerd paardencoach met als specialisme het systemisch werk. In haar werk ligt de focus vooral op de diepe onbewuste laag. Zichtbaar maken wat onzichtbaar is en vanuit de essentie je beweging volgen naar dat wat goed is voor jou.

Locatie: Wild Horse Coaching

Een prive locatie met een prachtig uitzicht op een natuurgebied. Je komt in de natuur los van alles tot jezelf op deze unieke plek. Op deze locatie zijn alle faciliteiten aanwezig, zoals een overdekte plek om te werken met de paarden, een trainingsruimte, 2 toiletten, parkeergelegenheid.


Het paard is het symbool van het lichaam en instinctief weten. De vleugels symboliseren transcendentie. Met op zijn rug de strijder met het gouden zwaard, waarbij het zwaard staat voor doordringende waarheid en helderheid.