My story

My story

As a young girl, I stopped in the middle of a forest, sat on the ground and said to my parents: I want to stay here forever. The same thing happened to me on a mountain top in the Alps while on vacation. I was so impressed with the view and have always felt very connected to something bigger. On a deep level, there was immense tranquillity and a deep natural connection. I was also a spontaneous wild child, very free-spirited, close to nature and afraid of nothing.

I felt a strong bond with horses at a young age. It was hard to see how horses should live, put away in stands, and how they were treated when they ‘misbehaved’. Where horses lead a freer life, I felt comfortable and connected.

My path has always been hidden from me. I never had big visions or dreams of what I would become, who I should be, where I would live.

I have always been sensitive and open. After my legal studies, I worked for various organizations, started my own company and was, among other things, co-founder of the Safe School Foundation, until one day I started reading a spiritual book about horses. I couldn’t put the book down and that’s how the horses came back into my life. That’s how my first horse came into my life, Zara. She showed me the way in.

On intuition, I booked a yoga retreat in Bali with Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj. I felt an immediate deep connection. Horses and wisdom (yoga) practices came into my life and following these practices and the wisdom of the horses have helped me to be more and more at home in myself and to be able to live from there. We now live with our family together with a herd of horses in a beautiful nature reserve in South Holland, where I continue to practice daily and learn from the horses. Here I offer my services with Wild Horse Coaching.

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