Somatic coaching

Somatic refers to experiencing the physical sensations of psychological/emotional problems.

When we are not feeling well, we experience what we feel as unpleasant, disturbing and unpleasant. Our tendency is to close or hide these feelings, but this allows tensions to build up. Think of feelings of unrest, fear, sadness, distress, panic, insecurity, powerlessness and frustration.

In the somatic coaching sessions, we work in a body-oriented way and you experience the physical sensations of your emotions, thoughts and deeper feelings. In this way, you allow stuck emotions and feelings more easily instead of closing you off. Your body removes tensions, so that you come to rest, in balance and in contact with yourself.

Body-oriented and somatic horse coaching

Something powerful is created in the combination of horse coaching and somatic coaching. Horses bring you into a state of being, in the here and now, through which you come into contact with your body and can release trapped tensions.

You get in touch with yourself and with your needs. Horses sense when you need support, protection and comfort and fulfil those needs, making you even more relaxed.

Body-oriented and somatic horse coaching helps you sustainably reduce your stress level to become calm and centred in life. You process unprocessed (traumatic) experiences through this form of coaching.

Horse coaching

Horse coaching is a form of coaching in which you are in a box with the horse. The horse is free to move. Horses are herd animals and will naturally respond to you as one of their herd members. They will also try to include you in their herd and help you if you are not in balance.

Horses immediately release tensions they experience and will also help you release tensions. This is an important part of the horse coaching process. By mirroring, the horses also show certain themes and/or issues that can play a role. Through recognition, acknowledgement and acceptance, unprocessed experiences can be integrated and inner conflicts and blockages can be lifted.

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