A special place close to the Randstad in the middle of nature!

All coaching activities of Wild Horse Coaching take place at Horse Medicine. At this beautifully private location between Rotterdam and The Hague, a herd of 6 horses lives together in the middle of nature.

The location is equipped with all comforts, such as a beautiful workshop space, a covered coaching facility and a particularly beautiful view of a nature reserve.

Onze paarden

Bij Horse Medicine leven de paarden in een kudde. Het onderlinge sociale contact is essentieel voor hun fysieke, mentale, emotionele en spirituele gezondheid. Met de middelen die wij hebben, proberen we zo natuurlijk mogelijke leefomstandigheden te creëren.

Een paard, voorzien in zijn natuurlijke behoeftes kan zichzelf zijn en is uitgebalanceerd en krachtig.


Esha is an intelligent caring mare who likes to reassure and comfort her two-legged herd mate. With her gentle presence, she brings peace during difficult moments.


Dawn is a headstrong Schwarzwälder Fuchs/Rocky Mountain. At the same time, he is sensitive, has a big heart and his presence offers protection and strength.


Siem is a sensitive Andalusian gelding. He is subtle in his body language, but can also be direct and confrontational when necessary.


Goofy is a modest and friendly Connemara gelding with a lot of wisdom. He is a teacher for children and adults.

Milou (l) and Roos (r)

Milou is a very gentle independent sweet Appaloosa mini shetlander Together with her half-sister Roosje, she forms a beautiful duo. Roosje is a sensitive sometimes somewhat insecure mare who wants everything to run in harmony.

Our interior space

In addition to the horses and the beautiful outdoor areas, we also have a spacious bright indoor space for our sessions and workshops.

Our canopy

If it rains, we will not hold sessions in the arena or paddock, but under our beautiful large roof with a beautiful view of the nature reserve.

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