I have been working as a horse coach since 2012. Together with a beautiful herd of horses and my family, I live on the edge of a nature reserve in Pijnacker. This is where all my coaching activities take place.

Over the years I have developed my own method: horse coaching with a body-oriented and somatic approach. Every day I guide clients in change processes together with horses.

With the help of the horses, you release tension and you learn to trust your own feeling and body again.


Training for teams, workshops, intervision and career guidance with horses

Horse Coaches

Pegasus Training to deepen the knowledge on somatic and body-oriented work with horses

One on One

One on one horse coaching to increase your self-awareness


Workshops with a focus on a combination of horse coaching, mantra and meditation

Team Training with horses

Horses reflect the relationships within a team beautifly. When there is a defect in the team, they shall react. That is how we immediately get a precised insight of how the team, and the members individually, functions.

That is why teamtraining with horses is so efficient and blockage resulving, on the aspect of cooperation, cummunication and connection. Safety, connection and mutual trust is the base of good cooperation. Horses, as the herd animals that they are, help us to find this connection.

Pegasus Training

The self awareness training for therapists, psychologists, aid workers, coaches, ect.

This training is based off our own experience and are ment to help you with you next step in self development. You will come in contact with your inner and natural wisdom. This training is focused on guiding you, with the horses, to recognise your own blockages and trauma’s, to come in contact with them and to live through them.

During these trainings we will work with the horses on a deep and intimate level, to take you to the next step in your own self awareness journey.

Somatic horsecoaching

Body-oriented and somatic horse coaching helps you to safely discharge built-up (emotional) tensions so that you come into contact with your body and your feelings. You process (traumatic) experiences with the help of the horses so that you become calm and centred in life. You do this by living your feelings and emotions. You address the somatic intelligence of your body and learn to trust this intelligence again

Unrevealed mysteries lie behind the eye of the horse. Can we look inside of ourselves and truly meet ourselves? Can we touch the surface of the lake in which the horse’s eye is mirrored and see what comes out of the deep? The water of the lake wrinkles in circles from the centre to the shore. There on the shore, we rest, because entering the centre takes all of us, to come back as new.

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